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Post-programme re-integration

A primary goal of our programme is to prepare our participants for a successful transition into further education and/or employment. Pursuing further education and maintaining employment are universally recognised as important to keep rangatahi distant from the justice system.

Education and employment, develop skills, provide success and build self-worth.

Additionally, they extend and build a range of relationships and lead to individuals gaining access to vital resources – money and/or support.     

To guide rangatahi toward their transition, we will work with them across the programme to: 

  • Uncover their interests/passions

  • Identify their options

  • Understand the tasks and achievements required, for them to pursue their options

  • Then set specific plans and goals applicable to their circumstance

Individual planning with potential employers and/or education facilities, whānau, and external social agencies, will then be undertaken to ensure our rangatahi’s successful transition.

An open door

The frequency of our formal post-programme support may be daily or weekly during the initial transition out of the programme and will gradually reduce as rangatahi re-integrate into the community, however the 'door' at Te Kāhu Tiu will always be open for our alumni to reach out.

We will engage with each ‘graduate’ at least annually – to track their progress and provide support, and they will be invited back regularly to renew their ties, and share their stories/successes.

“I probably needed love… to believe… to actually find who I was”.