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Justice reinvestment

A new approach is being adopted internationally, termed 'justice reinvestment' it redirects money spent on prisons to community-based programmes.

These initiatives address the underlying causes of crime to reduce re-offending, which in turn increases public safety, and reduces government spending. 

Te Kāhu Tiu aspires to be a justice reinvestment initiative, to heal our rangatahi away from their propensity to offend, and redress their disproportionate incarceration. 

Te Kāhu Tiu works closely with the whānau and communities of the rangatahi in the programme to ensure transformative change can permeate every layer of their lives.

Most of the funding and support devoted to addressing offending and improving public safety remains restricted to a narrow range of solutions, including the incarceration of individuals who have already committed crimes.

“[our corrections system is] the closest we get to building a bonfire and unquestioningly throwing tax-payer cash into it, to keep it burning indefinitely.” 

– Rt Honourable Kelvin Davis*