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Te Kāhu Tiu | diverting young men from the criminal justice system

A transformative approach to diverting young men from the criminal justice system.

“Ki te mate te whenua, ka mate te tāngata. Ki te whakaora I te tāngata, me ora ai te whenua”

“If the land gets sick, the people will get sick, in order to heal the people we must heal the land.” 

– King Tāwhiao

To heal the people we must heal the land

Our mission

The mission of Te Kāhu Tiu is to transform the lives of traumatised rangatahi on the trajectory to the adult justice system, and to preserve them from the prospect of a lifetime behind bars.

Our approach

Our innovative, holistic programme utilises therapy, education, community and whānau engagement, in a kaupapa established in consultation with Māori advisers to ensure a rigorous bicultural approach.

Healing our wounded young men

We will heal our wounded young men, engender their sense of self-worth, establish connections with their communities and whānau, equip them for and support their reintegration into continued education, or employment.

Te Kāhu Tiu will provide a therapeutic, educational and cultural learning environment for young men.

A program like this for many rangatahi is the difference between a life behind bars and a life of freedom, purpose and self worth. We need your help to enable this change of approach now. Please donate.