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Marv's story

These kids, they’ll only start to believe what you say, when they trust you believe – when they see you can put yourself in their shoes. Amelia believes. I’ve been there. I was at the alternative school Amelia established and ran at the Wellington City Mission - it was the first time I had experienced a whānau environment, cause that’s what we were. But it was always aroha and warmth and that came from everyone. Even if we were getting a growling it was like getting a growling from a mo...

November 26, 2021

Jai's story

When I was young it was just pretty rough. There was a lot of drinking, lots of gang stuff, and lots of violence. I thought that’s what being an adult was. It was terrifying. There were people getting shot, stabbed, run over, beaten to pieces… I watched someone get murdered at age 13. A year later I saw another. I left school early and joined the gang. I thought I had to, because I was scared, and no one messed with them. I thought that was all there was. I didn't know there could ...

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